Talent Scouting

Talent Scouting

We provide locally tailored key people search services across Europe, regardless of the sector or geographic location in which they will work.

Executive search professionals working on the highest standards deliver on a unique key personnel search and selection model, in the CEE and Mediterranean regions from several countries (Italy, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia and Montenegro) adapted to the specifics of local markets.

Search process

Stage one

Searching your competition and other relevant markets

One of the keys to our resounding success is our strong market search methodology. Appropriately focused and timely research reveals sources of potential. Neoss provides a snapshot of the human market from your business point of view.

Stage two

Pre-screening and drafting a preliminary shortlist

The initial market research involves collecting all the relevant details of suitable candidates whom we have identifed, pre-screened and juxtaposed with the position requirements.

Stage three


Our search consultants design an interview structure tailored to the specifics of the given project and based on up-to-date information gathered from the relevant market. The purpose is to compile the most appropriate information to reveal traits associated with the future work of the candidates, as well as to explore areas of interest of the client. During the interview we check the overall compatibility of the candidates’ profile with the requirements previously specified by the client.

Stage four

Definition of a shortlist

Based on the pre-screening, selection and finally the interviews conducted by Neoss, a short-list is drafted of the best-suited candidates for the respective position.

Stage five

Choosing the most suitable candidate from the shortlist

Neoss takes full responsibility for the coordination and organization of your interviews as well as of employment negotiation in between your decision makers and selected candidates.
We use the following instruments to check the compatibility of the candidates with the job and personality


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