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Our Service Desk organization is structured to work as B2B supplier of established IT Service Providers, where we act as an integrated nearshoring partner. We offer ITIL driven, H24 multilingual support services at a price point that allows for conversion of low or no-margin contracts into profitable business.

Our Service Desk can act as a single point of contact for all service requests and other technology issues. Neoss provides helpdesk, asset management and vendor management along with a focused approach for integrating business processes into the IT service management infrastructure. Governed by ITIL standards, our processes are highly adaptable to your existing delivery model.

Furthermore, we can provide automation through various workflows we build according to main contractor and/or client needs. We also integrate and manage on our Client’s behalf several other functions in IT services continuity like maintenance contracts, software licenses, service level management, availability management and financial management.

Our service offerings include:

[anps_list class=”circle-arrow”][list_item]Set up a help desk (single Point of Contact) for IT users[/list_item][list_item]Implement leading help desk technologies such as Remedy, Advanced Help Desk (CA), OTRS[/list_item][list_item]Run on-site and remote help desk to support desktop and server issues[/list_item][list_item]Create and maintain a knowledge base for help desk users[/list_item][list_item]Support users on desktop applications and office productivity tools[/list_item][/anps_list]
[anps_list class=”circle-arrow”][list_item]End user telephone support[/list_item][list_item]Electronic support – (email, chat, portal based support)[/list_item][list_item]Effective problem diagnosis and resolution[/list_item][list_item]Help desk assessment consulting[/list_item][list_item]End user satisfaction monitoring and reporting[/list_item][/anps_list]

Service agility, strong client references and price define our key strenghts.


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